How Our Rent-to-Own Works

The Own Your New Home Rent-to-Own program is hosted by Success Mortgage Partners. We have partnered with Local Real Estate Investors and Real Estate Brokers to create a more flexible buying option for those who need it. The properties we market allow a short rental period. This gives us time to prepare you for financing with a goal of obtaining a mortgage so that at the end of the rental period, you purchase the home with a mortgage.

We start with a quick conversation with a rent-to-own specialist where we assess your current financial status. We look at your income, liabilities, and discuss where you believe your credit history lands. From this conversation we will be able to determine a plan, time-frame, and cost for owning a home that is specific to your situation.

  Our Program is for…

  • Those who may be relocating
  • Those who may need credit adjustments
  • Those who have an active or upcoming change in employment
  • Other unique circumstances

  Our program is NOT for

  • Those who are just looking to rent. We do not have properties that are ‘JUST FOR RENT’ homes. All of our properties are for those interested in becoming a homeowner.